Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Welcome to the Tears of Sunrise

Tears of sunrise
Fell from my eyes
I paid the price
For all the mistakes unwise

Tears of sunrise
Such a surprise
All of our lives
Was it just dreams and lies

Tears of sunrise
Misted dawning skies
As cold as ice
Summer breezes demise

This is the the lyrics to a tune I had in my mind for sometime (years...?). Maybe later I'll record it and post a clip (hics). I first heard the phrase "Tears of Sunrise" long ago on an episode of Thundercats. In that episode, the Tears of Sunrise were poisonous fruits which caused whoever that ate them, to die at first light the next day. The Tears of Sunrise in Thundercats universe is thus associated with loss and sadness.

However, in the lyrics above, the Tears of Sunrise are tears of regret, repentance and reflection. They are also tears of acceptance and submission to the Greatness of Allah, Our Lord and Master.

This blog is an attempt to express the wistful emotions, thoughts and awakening that I am facing as I approach my golden years...and to share them with whoever that is interested. I have awakened from a long dream where I had forsaken my Creator and Master. I need to make amends, repent and run to my Master, Allah SWT (Glorified and Most Exalted is He) before the end comes.

May Allah be pleased with us...ameen.