Sunday, 2 September 2012

Be Kind to Our Parents: The Ultimate Role of Sons.

At one time during my early years as a Muslim, an elderly Muslim person told me that now that I was a Muslim, I should not focus my attention on my non-Muslim parents. Looking back, I am glad that such “harsh” words had made me search for the correct answer about my relationship with my non-Muslim parents.

In Surah (Book) Luqman verses 14-15, the Almighty tells us of the covenants (will of God) between a son and his parents. God is specific to stress on the need for a son to obey his parents except in the case when the parents associate God with other beings or deliberately go against the teachings of God. In the Bible, we were told to honour our parents as well, and parents were to honour their children, too. In the current context, however, it is increasingly common to see parents who are blatantly neglected by their children, especially the sons. This is common even in Muslim households.

Islam dictates that in the distribution of wealth, the male children will get a larger proportion because it is expected of the male child to be responsible towards their surviving parent and siblings and to execute their duties as a Muslim man. It is dishearthening to see that in many cases, the daughters eventually end up taking care of the parents because the sons are too busy with all their worldly endeavours and other purported responsibilities.

Sometimes even their wives would be an obstacle to the relationship between the son and his parents. The irony of it all is that some Muslim wives actually think that their husbands must prioritise them over the husbands' own parents. These are complicated worldly issues until such time the man takes this matter in accordance with the will of God. Even our Rasul S.A.W. had reminded the men that their relationship with their parents will only cease upon the death of the parents. This applies to Muslim men with their non-Muslim parents as well.

Let us just look back at our roles towards our parents and be kind to them; do our part in making their golden years meaningful and filled with joy.

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