Sunday, 2 September 2012

God is Your Best Confidant

Salam Maal Hirah; may the new year bring many more opportunities for us to do good deeds that will bring us closer to Almighty Allah.

A large part of life is about making decisions; and none is Wiser than Allah the Omniscient, who knows what is hidden and what is revealed, and in whose Hands the future lies. Often we forget that total submission to Allah means not only accepting what He has destined for us but also asking for His guidance and help, so that the choices we make would be blessed by Allah. Allah reminds us in 2:45, and then again in 2:153 (surah alBaqarah) to seek help in patience and prayer, for indeed prayer is difficult except to those who are humble, and that He is always with the patient. He also says ‘Call upon Me, and I shall answer thee’ (Al Mu’min, 40:60), so why do we not take heed and call upon Him?

I see that many people do not consult Allah when a decision needs to be made; and this decision comes to be regretted later. I also see many who, when faced with a problem, expect help from mortals. They forget that the One who has power over all things is Allah, the Creator of the Heavens and the earth and all that lies in between. Many also talk too much to too many people about their woes and troubles, that in the end it is their weakness that comes to the fore, not help by any means. They may pray, but in their hearts they are hoping in people. We seek refuge in Allah indeed from dependence on people; He alone do we worship and from Him do we ask for help.

With this entry I urge my brothers and sisters in Islam to always confide in Allah about your life’s challenges; seek Allah’s help in everything, ask Him for guidance, for strength, for wisdom, ask for whatever help that He alone knows what and how and when to give. After all, who understands us better than the One that made us?

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