Sunday, 26 August 2012

I Dream of Jeans, Syariah Compliant Jeans

Jeans are so out for covering the aurah of muslimah. Being inherently designed to accentuate the shape of the female lower torso for the sake of being attractive, I find it impossible to find jeans that are syariah compliant. Whatmore, they are almost exclusively designed by men who have no clue to syariah compliant designs, they being non-syariah compliant themselves (read non-muslims). Almost certainly they are from the West or a product of Western education and culture.

But sad to say, almost everywhere you go, you will see muslimah bent on wearing jeans as part of their pseudo-syariah compliant attire, what with the short head covering (exposing the shape of their breasts), short ill-fitting T-shirts/blouses that do not cover their forearms nor their butt all the while convincing themselves they are conforming to accepted norms of the day. How confused and muddled they are on what constitutes syariah compliant garb.

As highlighted in Quran Surah AnNur verse 31 and in  the Prophet's Tradition or Hadith, the head covering must extend till the chest is covered. Only the face and hands are permissible to be exposed. The garments must not be transparent and hide the shape of the body. The top should extend till it reaches the tips of the fingers with the hands hanging by the side. This is to cover the shape of the behind. While the pants should be loose fitting and extend until below the ankles. To prevent from the feet being inadvertently exposed, wear fully covered shoes with or without socks. The sleeves should be loose and preferrably with cuffs to prevent from being pulled up and exposing the forearms. Or wear loose fitting inner sleeves with wrist grip. There should be a MS for syariah compliant wear. And there must not be elements of tabarruj or the intention to attract attention especially mens'.

We need to educate our muslimah in a big way and fast. Not only the muslimah but also the muslimins for being fathers, husbands, brothers and sons, it is their duty and responsibility entrusted upon them by Allah Our Creator and Master, All Glory be Unto Him, to educate their muslimah to obey what had been explicitly commanded by Allah in the Quran Al-Karim. And also themselves to lower their gaze and not ogle at womens' aurah.

Alas, the challenges are numerous and never ending but with perseverance and by the help of Allah, we will prevail. But we must rise to the occasion and put complacency and the western values so deeply immersed in us in the wastepit where it belong. Adopt the Prophet's examples, the Sunnah. Only then, will there be hope. But move we must, dear brothers and sisters. Sleep no more. It is time to wake up.

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