Friday, 28 December 2012

Accountability and Responsibility

Amazing and incredible how some people do not feel at all accountable nor responsible for the things entrusted to them. They procrastinate and assume a lackadaisical approach. They seek to put blame on others and come up with unlimited excuses for their incompetencies. They conveniently have memory lapses and health issues.

They are calculative and cared only for what they think are their rights and interests. They only want to take instead of giving thinking they have given enough but in fact they are miserably lacking and failing in their responsibilities.

Unbelievable that they can sleep soundly at night and feel as if they have done their job well when in fact they have led their team down.

Truly it is a breach of trust. A characteristic of the munafiqoon. These are signs of Allah's wrath that the more one feels as if one has done a good job, the more one let people down. One is deceived because of lack of self assessment or reflective thinking or muhasabah. Call it "bodo sombong" or conceit. It is a terrible bane to be so.

Let us emulate the sahabahs if not the Apostle (peace and blessings be upon him), to have this feeling of inadequacy in carrying Allah's will, in feeling we have much to learn, in thinking that we have done many mistakes in our deeds, in wanting to better as slaves of Allah and to behave better to brother Muslims and fellow man, in hoping for Allah's blessings in whatever we do, in not expecting any rewards for our actions, that the only reward is from Allah, in knowing that even if we were to worship for thousand of years we cannot even imagine to repay Allah for the just gift of sight, in hoping for Jannah yet we forsake His commands.

May Allah protect us from such evil traits and strengthen our iman to solely aim for His blessings. May our hearts be all the time open to Allah. May our hearts always be full of love for Allah and His Apostle. May our lips be always wet with the remembrance of Allah. May we always be thinking of Allah and His Apostle. May we always be prostrating to Allah, Glory and Exalted be He.

May Allah has mercy on us.

Ameen Ya Rabbal Alamin.

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