Friday, 28 December 2012

Baby Hatch - Why Dismal Response?

In the Sun today:
Malaysia's first baby hatch, this self proclaimed Islamic nation's necessary response to the shocking spate of babydumping cases has received dismal response more than two years on.


Let us look into the facts. A high percentage of the babydumping cases were from Malays, who we know are majority Moslems. Lets discuss this issue in this context.
These unwanted babies or pregnancies were the result of so called mistakes from relationships which were illicit or haraam in the first place. What mistakes did these couples make? Committing fornication or illicit sex before marriage (zinaa) or not taking precautions? 

In Islam zinaa is a major trangression. So serious an offence that Allah commanded us to avoid all paths that lead to zinaa. From exposing one's aurah (parts of the body forbidden to be seen by those forbidden to see) to gazing at each other's aurah, being alone with a member of the opposite sex except those allowed, to think about the opposite sex. In short, anything that could spark sexual desire. The trangression of this command by Allah IS the major factor in the occurrence of zinaa.
Babydumping occurred because they were unwanted. The illicit sex that resulted in these babies were not done because the couples wanted babies rather it was entirely for selfish reasons. To satisfy the couples' lusts. The babies were just accidents. Entirely selfish reasons.
Add to it the the desperate need to hide their wrongdoing, the lack of faith or iman, the lack of fear of Allah, coupled with the irresponsible and selfish attitude of the guilty parties, no wonder this did not work.

The solution then is to return to the Qur'an and Hadith as enjoined by Allah, mighty and exalted is He and His Apostle, may Allah bring him and his families blessings and good tidings. We must bring the fear of Allah and His torment to us all. Allah knows best.

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  1. The report has been withdrawn by the sun. Baby hatch received 72 babies. Not 4. 4 was placed in the box as the person wanted to remain anonymous.